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Alfresco and Ephesoft Integration

Alfresco/Ephesoft Partnership

Alfresco and Ephesoft are poised to deliver the best integrated Document Capture and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution available on the market today. Even better, it's a complete open source platform, priced in a similar fashion so users can easily grasp the full solution.

Our Solution

By integrating Ephesoft’s Document Capture solution with Alfresco’s Content Management platform, organizations and developers have access to a wide array of rich functionality including:

Scanning + OCR: Scan in many different types of documents, handwritten or typewritten, to be digitized. Capture the content on the documents to be stored with the repository metadata.

Classification + Extraction: Classify documents based on type, fields, etc. Information is extracted form the documents for easy search and organization within your systems.

Mail room automation: Ephesoft mailroom automation brings easy to use and easy to configure solutions to any company receiving hard copy documents, emails and faxes. The solution also distributes the documents to their destinations such as the line of business within an organization or a specific individual or department.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced labor from manually sorting and identifying documents and keying data from them
  • Reduced document id and keying errors due to automation
  • Speed up the business process by identifying document types and information on them sooner
  • Create an auditable business process that is less error prone and repeatable



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