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Alfresco Outlook Integration

Access Alfresco from within Microsoft Outlook

Companies struggle to get control of the ever increasing volumes of content sent via email. Disconnected processes and siloed document libraries mean content can be hard to find, can be miss-filed or even lost.

Our Solution:

Using the Alfresco Outlook Integration users can access the Alfresco document library directly from within Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Use drag and drop to add emails and attachments to folders within Alfresco.
  2. Automatically strip off file attachments to be saved as separate, but related, documents.
  3. Custom metadata allows you to capture and categorize documents (like an invoice or a contract) for easy retrieval and search.
  4. Allow users find the information they need more quickly in context with search filters within email, documents, folders, and sites.
  5. Use automated rules to process files within the server (Example: Start a workflow to process incoming invoices).
  6. Securely share emails and associated documents from within Alfresco Share with other users (attaching to a workflow for internal processing).
  7. Simply attach links to documents to email to other Alfresco users.
  8. Auto generate and send PDF versions to be reviewed externally via email.

Key Benefits:

  • Drive better user adoption by providing a familiar user experience. Users can interact with the content management system without having to switch applications
  • Improve service with access to critical content directly from Outlook
  • Reduce business process cycle times
  • Get more content under control and automate the record declaration process
  • Increase user productivity promote effective collaboration

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