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Alfresco and Salesforce CRM Integration

Manage Customer Content More Efficiently and Effectively

Spend more time winning customers and less time managing content. With the Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce, your organization can close deals faster by working more productively and collaboratively across account teams, departments, applications and the entire sales cycle.

Content Disconnects Decrease Sales Productivity

Deals are delayed when it’s hard for Salesforce users to find or collaborate on the documents they need to work and win a sale. Storing content in multiple places and systems creates these challenges:

  • Information Silos
    Sales teams waste too much time trying to locate the right version of the right document. Reps can spend as much as 25% of their time searching for content rather than closing sales
  • Collaboration Difficulties
    People can’t work together efficiently when forced to share files via email or clunky folder structures. Collaboration breakdowns lengthen the sales cycle and make it hard to keep teams in sync and on task
  • Compliance and Control Issues
    Tracking updates and approvals is tough, especially when reviews involve non-Salesforce users. How many times have you heard “Is this the final-final contract?”. Plus, insufficient document control raises compliance and security risks

Centralized Content Accelerates Sales

The Alfresco Content Connector seamlessly connects Salesforce with the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. Your organization can centralize and simplify the management of critical customer content. Salesforce users can easily find and share the files they need and close deals without leaving the application. Back-office functions can collaborate in sales processes as content is accessible outside of Salesforce.

  • 360-Degree Insight
    Documents are easily associated with a lead, opportunity or other Salesforce records. Everyone working a deal has a shared 360-degree customer view that improves sales effectiveness and customer centricity
  • Efficient Collaboration
    Teams can work together on documents without version control mix-ups and inbox bottlenecks. Review-and-approval workflows can include non-Salesforce users for better front- and back-office collaboration
  • Enhanced Compliance
    With a single source of truth for customer content, organizations can ensure that documents are properly secured, signed off and stored for long-term record-keeping

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