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SAP connector for Alfresco

SAP connector for Alfresco

The SAP connector for Alfresco is an interface to the SAP ERP system based on SAP’s HTTP Content Server 6.20 interface and supports SAP DMS and the SAP ArchiveLink archiving scenarios.

SAP Connector

  • Enables users to easily store, access and display documents in Alfresco from a variety of SAP modules like FI, SD, MM, CO, HR, PP or PM
  • Extends the SAP ArchiveLink information by additional metadata available in SAP and Alfresco 
  • Archives SAP documents, reports, and data through HTTP Content Server 6.20 certified interface in Alfresco
  • Links documents stored in Alfresco to a variety of SAP objects
  • Offers Non-SAP users access to SAP-related documents and information

Our Solution

By using the SAP certified ArchiveLink interface of the SAP connector you are able to:

  • Managing incoming documents such as invoices
  • Managing outgoing documents such as order confirmations
  • Data Archiving (ADK)
  • Print List Archiving (e.g. quarter end report)
  • DART (Data Retention Tool)

Key Benefits

  • Supports SAP DMS and SAP Records Management
  • Easily manage and collaborate on all of your SAP content and 
  • Multi-architecture and platform support
  • Powerful search and workflow

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