Alfresco Content Services Modules

Extend Alfresco Content Services Capabilities

A number of optional, fully supported modules are available for Alfresco Content Services to further extend functionality and performance:

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Alfresco Records Management

Unmatched combination of simplicity and control.

DOD 5015.02 records management (RM) strengthens compliance by integrating RM into the natural flow of business and automating the complete record lifecycle.

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Alfresco Content Encryption

Enhance security through encryption-at-rest for all repository content.

Every document is encrypted with a different symmetric key, with asymmetric encryption used to encrypt and decrypt those keys, ensuring your content is totally secure.

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Alfresco Outlook Client

Access Alfresco content directly within Microsoft Outlook.

Quickly browse, search, or upload emails and attachments via drag and drop. Archive emails to Alfresco and intelligently add metadata right from within Outlook.

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Integrated analysis and reporting on content, process and people.

Analyse how unstructured content is being managed and shared, identify expertise and locate processes inefficiencies, with easy drag and drop report creation.

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Alfresco Media Management

Digital Asset Management.

Add IPTC and custom XMP metadata support, an HTML5 video player, time-line linked commenting and more. Flexible transcoding options and the ability publish to Media Distribution Networks (MDN’s).

Alfresco Media Transformation Engine

Scalable video and Image transcoding.

Scale transcoding capacity and performance easily, without the need for any repository re-configuration. Imaging processing uses FFmpeg or ImageMagick.

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Alfresco Document Transformation Engine

Full fidelity Microsoft Office file previews, with improved performance and scalability.

Transform Microsoft MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel files to plain text, PDF and Adobe Flash (SWF) for thumbnail access and online previewing. Deliver Compliance relevant document archiving with conversion to PDF A/2.

Alfresco Index Engine

Scale search performance without limits.

Scale your search indexing and performance to handle billions of documents – with support for Solr Sharding.

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Alfresco System Receiver (ASR)

Read-only content publishing.

Serve content to portal applications or corporate web sites without the need for external users to login to Alfresco.

Alfresco S3 Connector

Easily connect Alfresco to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), simplifying content storage for Alfresco deployments on Amazon AWS.

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Alfresco EMC Centera Connector

The Alfresco EMC Centera connector provides an easy way to connect Alfresco servers to EMC Centera.

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