Enterprise Content Management

Open ECM which is simple, smart and secure

The Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform is an open, powerful ECM platform that is easy to extend, customize and integrate with your existing applications and processes. The platform provides easy mobile access to content, delivers a simple but rich collaboration user experience and helps customers maximize the value of their content. It is the preferred ECM platform for thousands of customers worldwide.

Alfresco One

Enterprise-class ECM platform

  • High availability, highly customizable ECM with simplified administration
  • Hybrid Cloud ECM with selective content-sync to the included SaaS Alfresco in the Cloud
  • Wide range of modules and add-ons including content encryption, records management, analytics and media management

Ideal for organizations that require enterprise-grade scalability, performance and 24X7 support for business critical content and compliance.


Alfresco in the Cloud


  • Supports secure external team collaboration
  • Full mobile access and workflow for document review and approval
  • No on-premises installation required

Well suited for smaller teams with multiple offices or branches that don’t want to manage servers and don’t require the full customization, extra modules or integrations offered by Alfresco One.


Alfresco Community Edition

ECM for tech enthusiasts

  • Intended for developers and technical enthusiasts who want the power of Alfresco in non-critical environments
  • Open Source platform for community-driven development and contributions
  • Research vehicle for new features

Use in production only if resources exist to fully self-support. Consider Alfresco One instead if you require enterprise-class capabilities such as content encryption, clustering or simplified administration.


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