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Modern Content Management as a Service

Alfresco One is a complete hybrid cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform that manages and synchronizes content across on-premises and cloud repositories.

Alfresco in the Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution for companies wanting the power of Alfresco One, without the need to store content on premises or requiring the functionality provided by additional Alfresco One modules. Users can collaborate on content wherever and however they work, providing secure external team collaboration, full mobile access and workflow for document review and approval.

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Modern Enterprise Content Management as a Service

Easy collaboration for any content type

Alfresco in the Cloud keeps people in sync and your content up to date and under control. Users can collaborate on everything from simple documents and case files, to large engineering drawings and rich media files. Familiar social features create a modern, collaborative user experience.

  • Rich collaboration tools including team sites, discussion threads, project wikis, task lists and activity feeds
  • In-line preview, commenting and editing across multiple file types
  • Robust version, access and policy-based controls for secure collaboration
Easy Document Workflow

Easy Document Workflows

When people collaborate on content, changes made need to be tracked, reviewed and approved. Alfresco in the Cloud makes this easy with intuitive workflow features.

  • Collaborate effectively with easy review and approval workflows
  • Manage task progress, document review, approval and completion status end to end
  • Integrate external partners within your review and approval workflow
Secure External Collaboration

Secure External Collaboration

Alfresco in the Cloud provides a secure extranet to enable collaboration with a wide range of people outside your organization, keeping projects on track while retaining complete control of company documents.

  • Securely share documents with partners, customers and vendors
  • Simple collaboration with an email invite to external users
  • Extend business processes as well as content to external users
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Secure Mobile Access from any Device

Secure Mobile Access from Any Device

Content locked behind the firewall can be hard to access on the move, causing some employees to work around IT and use consumer file sharing services. Alfresco in the Cloud offers secure mobile access with the simplicity user’s demand and the security and control that IT require.

  • Simple file sharing combined with robust access controls
  • Free iOS and Android mobile apps with on-device encryption & synchronisation for offline access
  • Mobile-enabled workflows for review-and-approval tasks
Alfresco Cloud Application integration with document capture

Cloud Application Integration and Document Capture

Alfresco in the Cloud provides a secure content repository that works with other cloud services, such as Salesforce and Google Docs.

  • Capture and store all cloud-based content in one location through standard connectors
  • Connect to any cloud-based application with open APIs
  • Integrate seamlessly with the business applications people “live in”
Enterprise-Level Security for Data Privacy and Compliance

Enterprise-Level Security for Data Privacy and Compliance

Certified for Safe Harbor, Alfresco in the Cloud uses Amazon Web Services for data storage to ensure compliance with the EU personal data protection directives. External users can access only what is shared with them, providing IT with security and full control.

  • Independent validation to the SOC2 and ISEA 3000 Type II standards
  • SSL encryption (256-bit) prevents interception of data while in transit
  • Content encrypted at rest to protect from unauthorized access on the server
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The Flexibility of
Hybrid ECM

Alfresco in the Cloud is just the beginning. Sharing the same code as Alfresco One, when you need additional capabilities it is easy to move to a hybrid ECM environment including on-premise synchronization.

  • Use on-premise for business critical content and compliance (with records management)
  • Utilize the cloud for external collaboration and easy file sharing beyond the firewall
  • Manage content with rules for process review, record declaration, retention policies or archiving

To understand in more detail the differences between Alfresco One and Alfresco in the Cloud, take a look at the comparison.