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Alfresco One is a hybrid cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform that manages and synchronizes content across cloud and on-premises repositories. Industry-leading mobile platforms and application integration allows users to collaborate on business critical content wherever and however they work. Alfresco open, modern architecture enables easy extension and customization, while integrated records management simplifies and strengthens information governance and compliance. Alfresco One manages more than seven billion documents for thousands of companies worldwide.


Secure Mobile Access from Any Device

Integrated Workflows and Business Process Management

With Alfresco One, ECM and BPM work hand in hand to optimize the flow of information through your organization. Alfresco One features a highly customizable, open standards-based process engine that can be further extended with Alfresco Activiti BPM.

  • Simple task and workflow creation by users
  • Hybrid workflows to execute processes beyond the firewall
  • Integrated analytics for insights on process efficiency, content and user activity
Easy Document Workflow

Application Integration Delivers Content in Context

Improve ECM adoption with seamless content access from productivity and line-of-business applications. An open, standards-based platform, Alfresco One offers a wide range of integration options, both out of the box and via our technology partners.

  • Integration with familiar tools like Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint and Google Docs
  • Microsoft Outlook add-in allows direct search, access and uploading of email content
  • Alfresco Certified connections with SAP, AutoCAD, Ephesoft and more
Alfresco Cloud Application integration with document capture

Open Source and Open Standards

Alfresco One is based on open source technology and open standards. Alfresco One is easy to integrate, extend and customize for specific industry needs, and is backed by a vibrant open source community and partner ecosystem.

  • Unmatched support for open standards, such as CMIS, CIFS and WebDAV
  • Public API allows simple and easily maintained customization & process automation
  • Open at every level, including the repository, web interface, cloud and mobile apps for easy development
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The quickest and simplest way to try Alfresco One:

  • No install required
  • A dedicated environment to explore and customize
  • Pre populated with sites and sample content
  • Invite colleagues and collaborate
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Ideal for developers who want to delve deeper

  • Test app integration or partner extensions
  • Sync content to the cloud
  • Develop and test additional components
  • Test infrastructure and performance
Alfresco Cloud Application integration with document capture

Records Management Simplified

Strengthen compliance with simple-to-use records management that fits seamlessly into the flow of business. Alfresco One increases end user adoption, while providing complete cradle-to-grave control for records managers and compliance officers.

  • Simple record declaration, with records accessible from anywhere within Alfresco
  • Automated, rules-based record capture that’s invisible to users
  • Dynamic file plans to reduce administrative overhead
Secure Mobile Access from Any Device

Consumer-Style Search and Discovery

Alfresco One offers powerful, customizable search capabilities that quickly connect users to relevant files, sites and people. Integrated analytics improve discovery by surfacing valuable content and interactions, and help identify stale assets to archive.

  • Dynamic Amazon-like search with auto suggestions and content previews
  • Rich, customizable filters to refine searches by document property, format, content author, site, tag and more
  • Automatic extraction and indexing of metadata
Secure Mobile Access from Any Device

Secure Mobile Access from Any Device

Extend your ECM system to on-the-go workers with the free Alfresco Mobile Apps, available for iOS and Android devices. Robust access controls, on-device encryption and Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration add an extra measure of mobile security.

  • Access on-premises and cloud content with mobile synchronization for offline work
  • Mobile-enabled workflows for review-and-approval tasks
  • Open, fully extensible apps with Alfresco Mobile SDK for custom development

Secure Mobile Access from Any Device

The Flexibility of Hybrid ECM

Alfresco One is the first truly hybrid cloud ECM system which can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or in combination. With selective content syncing and processes that span both, secure external collaboration is easy and there is maximum flexibility as your business evolves.

  • Selective automatic syncing of content
  • Workflow processes (such as review and approval) which span on-premise and cloud
  • Flexibility to support evolving business needs
Secure Mobile Access from Any Device

Secure External Collaboration

Power business beyond the firewall, while retaining complete control of company documents. Alfresco One enables secure content and process sharing with outside partners and customers. Hybrid syncing between the cloud and on-premises sites reduces content silos and data leakage.

  • Fine levels of access control to safeguard business-critical content
  • Simple access from any device or application, with tools for collaboration
  • Review and approval workflows that extend to external partners
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Secure from any Device

Effective Collaboration Made Easy

Alfresco One keeps people in sync and your content up to date and under control. Users can work together on everything from simple documents and case files, to large engineering drawings and rich media files. Familiar social features create a modern, collaborative user experience.

  • Rich collaboration tools including team sites, discussion threads, project wikis, task lists and activity feeds
  • In-line preview, mark up and editing across multiple file types
  • Robust version, access and policy-based controls for secure collaboration
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Alfresco Cloud Application integration with document capture

Enterprise-Grade Security and Scale

Alfresco One delivers the performance, scalability and security needed to manage huge volumes of business-critical content. The average customer deployment includes more than 100 million documents and supports thousands of users.

  • High availability architecture with easy-to-configure clustering
  • Multi-level security including encryption of content in transit and at rest
  • Robust monitoring and auditing for visibility and control