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Alfresco and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Alfresco® on Amazon Web Services™ combines the mobile collaboration capabilities and ubiquitous file access commonly seen in services like Dropbox® and Box® with the security, control and policy enforcement that enterprises demand.

Our Solution

Alfresco is an open-source, enterprise supported ECM platform. Compared to legacy ECM platforms, Alfresco provides the same functionality yet architected with modern web systems in mind. Alfresco delivers advanced features to help today’s knowledge workers collaborate and share ideas easily. Alfresco on AWS has three main solutions:

Secure File Sharing for the Enterprise: Alfresco on Amazon Web Services combines the collaboration, file sharing and mobile file access capabilities of consumer services like Dropbox®, with the security, control and policy enforcement that enterprises demand. Download datasheet.

True Document Management in the Cloud: Alfresco on Amazon Web Services is much more than just file sharing or collaboration. Alfresco is a true document management solution that helps you make business processes more efficient. Whether you are processing millions of invoices in finance or managing highly confidential contracts in legal, Alfresco adapts to your business processes to save you time and money. Download datasheet.

Compliance & Records Management in the Cloud: With Alfresco on Amazon Web Services, enterprises and governments now have a simple, low-cost cloud solution for compliance with regulations, acts and mandates. Download datasheet.

Key Benefits

  • Easy file sharing and collaboration
  • Powerful document management features
  • Task management & workflow
  • Complete IT control of security and access
  • Choice of full SaaS or private AWS instance
  • Powerful metadata & full-text search

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