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Alfresco One 5.1

Alfresco continues to lead the integration of content, people and process, with updates to both Alfresco One.

Helping enable our customers digital transformation – Alfresco’s open approach delivers the flexibility needed to meet evolving business process requirements and optimise how content is managed. It’s simple and smart.

Alfresco 5.1

Smarter Content organization

Smarter Content organization

In an ever-growing sea of content, metadata is vital for simple, amazon-like searches. The process of defining the models and categorizing content is now much simpler- helping users be productive by quickly and intuitively finding what they need.

  • Easy model management - create metadata models and forms without coding
  • Smart folders - logically groups content, irrespective of where it is stored
  • Categorize content quickly - add metadata by dragging files into a smart folder
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Alfresco Cloud Application integration with document capture

Simpler Collaboration

Easily collaborating on content has always been an Alfresco strength. From powerful workflow to rich social features, Alfresco helps users get work done. The process of sharing sites and taking action on content is now even better.

  • Quicker and easier to collaborate - simplified permissions and sites-sharing process
  • More intuitive actions - use of color and grouping guides the user
  • Get to your current work faster - with choice of dashboard or site/folder home screen
Alfresco Cloud Application integration with document capture

Greater Openness and scalability

Alfresco is known for being open- easy to integrate and extend. It’s now better than ever with greater modularity, and enhanced performance at scale.

  • Further modularization - Share UI is now a module with separate API’s
  • Improvements to API’s and lifecycle - easier maintenance and upgrades
  • Scalability & cloud enhancements - optimized for AWS with a 1 billion document benchmark and search index sharding

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