Alfresco One Modules

A number of optional Alfresco One Modules are available for the on-premise version of Alfresco. These fully supported modules allow you to extend your installation – improving performance, adding additional functionality or enabling integration with other line of business applications.

Records Management

DOD 5015.02 certified records management built for ease of use and fast adoption

  • Built on top of Alfresco's core Document Management repository
  • File records using drag and drop from the desktop, email client, or any web browser
  • Single solution to manage both corporate records and other content

Learn more about Alfresco Records Management

Alfresco Workdesk

Alfresco Workdesk allows users to focus on just the content that is relevant to them, at just the right time, on the device of their choice, based on their role in the business process. Alfresco Workdesk is especially well suited for case management and contract management and repeatable business processes where efficiency, accuracy and traceability are key at the same time.

Learn more about Alfresco Workdesk

Index Server

Alfresco provides an optional Alfresco Index Server (based on Apache Solr). Companies with an Alfresco One subscription have the option to either run the Alfresco Index Server on one of the main Alfresco CPUs (one of the nodes in an Alfresco cluster) or on a separate, stand alone CPU. The Alfresco Index Server removes indexing load from the main Alfresco servers allowing greater scalability.

Note: This option is only available to Alfresco One subscription customers.

Transformation Server

Need better quality online views? Need to remove transformation load from the Alfresco servers?

The Alfresco Transformation Server is an additional transformation engine that runs on a separate CPU. By using Microsoft Office to convert office files for online viewing, the Transformation Server provides significantly improved rendition quality. Benefits of the Alfresco Transformation Server include:

  • Improved Quality 
  • Greater Performance 
  • Increased Scale 
  • Easier Administration

Check out the Transformation Server data sheet

Alfresco S3 Connector

The Alfresco S3 connector provides an easy way to connect Alfresco servers to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), simplifying content storage for Alfresco deployments on Amazon AWS. Learn more about how Alfresco is optimized for AWS.