Alfresco One Modules

A number of optional Modules are available for Alfresco One. These fully supported Alfresco modules allow you to further extend functionality and performance:

Alfresco Records Management

DOD 5015.02 certified records management built for ease of use and fast adoption.

  • Built on top of Alfresco's core Document Management repository
  • File records using drag and drop from the desktop, email client, or any web browser
  • Single solution to manage both corporate records and other content

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Alfresco Content Encryption (Enterprise version only)

This options allows for enhanced security through encryption at rest for all repository content.

Symmetric encryption is applied, with every document in the system being is encrypted with a different symmetric key. Asymmetric encryption (such as RSA) is used to encrypt/decrypt those symmetric encryption/decryption keys. The asymmetric encryption uses a master key which is selected from a set of configured master keys.

Alfresco Outlook Client

Browse and search Alfresco content directly within Microsoft Outlook, or drag and drop to easily upload emails and attachments. Attachments can be automatically strip emails to be saved as separate, but related, documents in Alfresco.

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Alfresco Analytics (Enterprise version only)

Alfresco Analytics module adds integrated analysis and reporting on content, process and people-related events within Alfresco Share. With drag and drop reporting, Analyse how unstructured content is being managed and shared, who has the required expertise and where processes efficiency can be improved.

Alfresco Media Management

Alfresco Media Management Module enhances the way users can work with video and image files. The inclusion of an HTML5 video player makes inline viewing of video with Alfresco Share web interface simple, whilst time-line linked commenting streamlines collaboration. Image manipulation includes video trimming, as well as image crop and rotation.

Support has been added for IPTC metadata extraction and custom XMP, whilst media can be published to several Media Distribution Networks (MDN’s).

Finally, there is flexibility of hour media is transformed between formats, with a new Media Media Transformation servers (see below) or support for cloud transcoding services.

Alfresco Media Transformation Server

Media Transformation Servers are included as part of the media Management module, but can be purchased separately when performance requirements demand. The modular design offers simple scale-up, adding additional servers without the need for any repository re-configuration. Imaging processing uses FFmpeg or ImageMagick.

Document Transformation Server

Document Transformation Server provides enhanced preview fidelity for Microsoft Office files by using Microsoft Office (rather than LibraOffice) to generate online previews, whilst also improving the performance and scalability of Alfresco by offloading this function from the core Alfresco servers.

The Alfresco Document Transformation Server can transform Microsoft MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel files to plain text, PDF and Adobe Flash (SWF) for thumbnail access and online previewing. Compliance relevant document archiving by providing conversion to PDF A/2.

Alfresco Index Server (Enterprise version only)

The Alfresco Index Server is Apache Solr based and removes the indexing load from the main Alfresco servers, providing greater overall performance and scalability.

Note: the Alfresco Index Server can be run on one of the main Alfresco CPUs (one of the nodes in an Alfresco cluster) or on a separate, standalone CPU.

Alfresco System Receiver (ASR) (Enterprise version only)

Allows read-only content to be publish from an active Alfresco instance to a separate server (ASR). Using the ASR, content can be severed to portal applications or corporate web sites without the need for external users to login to Alfresco. Each ASR can be deployed to up to 4 Cores.

Alfresco S3 Connector

The Alfresco S3 connector provides an easy way to connect Alfresco servers to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), simplifying content storage for Alfresco deployments on Amazon AWS. Learn more about how Alfresco is optimized for AWS.

Alfresco EMC Centera Connector (Enterprise version only)

The Alfresco EMC Centera connector provides an easy way to connect Alfresco servers to EMC Centera.