Try Alfresco Outlook Integration

As an existing Alfresco customer you can choose to either try the Alfresco Outlook Integration on you own test server (does require installing server components) or as part of a hosted trial for 30 days.

Three great reasons to try Alfresco Outlook integration:

  • Manage Email and Attachments

    Companies struggle to get control of the ever increasing volumes of content sent via email. Disconnected processes and siloed document libraries mean content can be hard to find, can be miss-filed or even lost.

  • Controlled Access to Documents

    Users can use the integration to access content managed in the Alfresco document library.

  • Share Files and Documents

    Documents do not sit in isolation, they need to be shared. The Alfresco Outlook Integration enables users to securely share files and links with co-workers or send files, via email, to users outside the organisation.