Alfresco Open Technology

A Platform Based on Open Standards and Open Source.

With Alfresco One, you can consolidate to a single platform, reducing silos and the associated cost of legacy ECM systems across the organization.

Broad support for open standards such as CMIS, WebDAV, CIFS, SharePoint, FTP and SMTP make it easy to integrate Alfresco into your current environment. Connect Alfresco with other business-critical systems without changes to the way your users work.

Our public API allows customization that's easily maintained, including implementation of business processes. You can leverage the expertise of a broad ecosystem of developers and modify the platform for your specific needs, creating streamlined solutions that drive your organization.

Flexible to Meet Your Needs Today and in the Future.

Whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, Alfresco One can be synchronized with our public cloud for easy collaboration and document sharing. Multiple user interfaces allow your team to access content wherever they need it, whether in the office or through a mobile device.

Alfresco improves your business processes without changing the way people work.