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Analyst Reports

The Forrester Wave™: ECM Business Content Services, Q2 2017

The Forrester Wave™: ECM Business Content Services, Q2 2017 evaluation states: "Alfresco continues to lure customers away from incumbent ECM providers in both the public and private sector. Ongoing investments in its BPM portfolio as well as cloud partnerships, such as with Amazon, position it as a credible alternative for organizations that want a modern, open source- and open standards-based content and process services platform."

The Forrester Wave™: ECM Transactional Content Services, Q2 2017

The Forrester Wave: ECM Transactional Content Services, Q2 2017 report examines platforms that manage high-volume content that typically originates outside the organization, like customer claims and invoices. Forrester reports about Alfresco: "Clients report a high level of satisfaction with its APIs, life-cycle management, metadata, and BPM integration capabilities."

IDC Market Note: Driving Transformation with Integrated Content, Process, and Governance Solutions

In late February, Alfresco announced the availability of its new Alfresco Digital Business Platform (DBP) designed to appeal to the digital transformation initiatives of its customers. The new platform consists of an integrated set of process, content and governance services. What used to be Alfresco One for enterprise content management (ECM), Activiti for business process management (BPM) and Records Management (RM) for, well, records management, is now Alfresco DBP. Alfresco also added some noteworthy technology to improve its use as an application development platform. All in an effort to move away from traditionally siloed packaged applications toward a more uniform platform to support digital businesses.

451 Research: Alfresco enhances and rebrands its product portfolio with new vision and tech

Alfresco continued to gain a foothold in large enterprise accounts in 2016, with an increasing number of deals exceeding an annual run rate of $100,000. The company has also garnered customer loyalty, with a renewal rate over 90%. Alfresco has won Omega Management Group's NorthFace ScoreBoard Award for excellence in customer satisfaction and loyalty for three consecutive years.

451 Research: Alfresco enters 2017 with new partners, prepares next-generation offerings

In the 451 Research Report “The vendor continues to focus on execution, making sure to properly blend its ECM and BPM offerings into a uniform platform for content-centric business process application development. Alfresco aims to be recognized as a key platform player in 2017 and beyond.”

Ovum: On the Radar: Alfresco advances content-driven approach to BPM

Alfresco Activiti offers a simple approach to process and data modeling, and supports collaboration between business and IT users for rapid process prototyping and iteration. Alfresco Activiti’s value proposition is attractive for enterprises that need a business-user-friendly, lightweight BPM solution with easy to use design and modeling tools enabling orchestration and management of content-driven processes.

Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management

Alfresco debuts as a ‘Challenger’ in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management

451 Research: Alfresco strengthens its BPM engine and market share, readies latest Activiti release

Alfresco is positioned in the market as leading the convergence of enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM), with a uniform platform to develop and run content-driven business process applications. It has championed the ongoing development of the Activiti open source BPM engine, and launched a commercial version. Activiti is maturing, and Alfresco is setting the stage for a next-generation process engine that will act as the foundation for future development through 2022.

Forrester: Break Down Content And Information Silos To Accelerate The Flow Of Work

This commissioned thought leadership paper, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Alfresco, evaluates organizations’ evolving needs for technologies that support enterprise content and business processes.

IDC: The Imperative for Digital Transformation in Healthcare Information Management: Western Europe

In this Alfresco-sponsored white paper, the IDC Health Insights team looks at the digital transformation trends within the European healthcare sector.

IDC: The Imperative for Digital Transformation in Healthcare Information Management: The United States

In this Alfresco-sponsored white paper, the IDC Health Insights team looks at the digital transformation trends within the United States.

IDC: ‘Information Digital Transformation in Manufacturing’

This IDC Manufacturing Insights white paper, sponsored by Alfresco, examines the top drivers of digital transformation for manufacturers.

451 Research: Alfresco touts 2015 results, launches its 2016 Winter release

The company achieved some considerable milestones during 2015, proving its transition from a technology-focused open source content management vendor to a business-focused process and collaboration management vendor is going according to plan.

Aragon Research: Alfresco Drives Enterprise Transformation with Combined ECM and BPM Platform

Alfresco has emerged as a solid replacement choice for legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) offerings, in part due to their customer focus and regular updates to their product line. The focus on core ECM and BPM has allowed it to develop a product offering that is helping enterprises transform their legacy processes.

MWD Advisors: Alfresco’s strategy: 1 + 1 = 3

We’re firmly in the era of the ECM / BPM integrations with ever more use cases for case management – and Activiti’s role in Alfresco’s platform portfolio is now much stronger. It’s more than just the bundled-in BPM engine which happened to shared a stable with Alfresco One. Version 1.4 brings integrations with sync-and-share services to process content in the cloud; and improvements to how it handles forms and process models.

Ovum: Alfresco puts content on the digital transformation agenda

Joining open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor, Alfresco at its Customer Council and analyst day joint event in New York City the focus was two-fold: customer success and maximizing the value of content. ECM is not just about creating a well-curated library of content – it must provide ready access to users, in context and as part of the business processes used to conduct day-to-day business..

Ovum: Alfresco integrates ECM and BPM

Alfresco is in a strong position to build a portfolio of pre-built solutions for a wide range of vertical industries, either directly or through its growing partner base. It is already being deployed to replace larger proprietary ECM products and to displace the more traditional BPM platforms in enterprises, and this is a great opportunity for Alfresco to increase its market share using the growing demand for case management solutions in enterprises.

Forrester: Total Economic Impact of Alfresco One

Understand how migrating your ECM to Alfresco One could deliver a 101% ROI

Forrester: Content Migration: Preparing for ECM in the Hybrid Cloud

To maximize the business value of new enterprise content management (ECM) deployments, organizations must make important decisions about existing content.

451 Research: Alfresco moves upmarket with techniques to attract larger enterprises and bigger deals

Alfresco recently announced the availability of its Alfresco Analytics and Alfresco Media Management modules for Alfresco One.

Ovum: SWOT Assessment: Alfresco, Alfresco One, v5.0

When it comes to enterprise content management (ECM) there is no one size fits all. Many ECM platforms have become too big and cumbersome, resulting in vendors splitting their portfolios into more manageable chunks that provide a solution-based approach to different areas of ECM.

451 Research: Alfresco: new money, new message, new areas of focus

In this October 2014 company profile, 451 Research analyzes Alfresco's strategy in the ECM and BPM markets. 

451 Research: Alfresco uses funds to create Activiti for hybrid cloud content and process orchestration

This 451 Research report specifically looks at Alfresco Activiti Enterprise and finds Alfresco to be "positioned to meet needs going forward with a hybrid cloud approach to ECM and BPM."

451 Research: Alfresco expands beyond ECM, productizes open source BPM Activiti, targets hybrid BPMaaS

In this early analysis of Alfresco's new Alfresco Activiti Enterprise BPM offering, 451 Research finds the Activiti "proven and reliable" and "a solid platform upon which Alfresco can expand more broadly into the business applications markets."

White Papers

Alfresco Effective Testing

Introducing a reproducible and scalable way to execute Performance testing supports the growth and the maturity of the application. This document defines a practice on how to execute performance testing for Alfresco based applications.

Alfresco One 5.1 Sizing Guide

Sizing an Alfresco One deployment is a challenging topic, with no perfect formula that can accurately define the perfect sizing for your architecture as it's heavily dependent on each specific use case.

Alfresco Scalability Blueprint

The Alfresco 5.1 scalability blueprint outlines the dimensions of scale and new techniques and best practices for achieving them - using the latest versions of Alfresco and based on our latest One billion document benchmark findings.

Collaboration Trends and Technology – A Survey of Knowledge Workers

Today’s most productive knowledge workers — business professionals who are contributing, sharing insight and experiences, participating in decision making, and influencing change — are a company’s true competitive advantage.

Industry Watch:  Winning the Paper Wars

This July 2013 survey of AIIM members finds that despite the significant and demonstrable benefits of "going paperless," progress towards automation in business processes is still slow.  Download AIIM's full survey results, along with analysis and recommendations for engaging in the paper wars.

Industry Watch:  ECM at the Crossroads

This May 2013 survey of AIIM members shows the ECM market is in flux.  Organizations continue to address baseline content management issues, while also moving forward with mobile access and mobile process, cloud strategies and migration from legacy ECM systems.  Check out the full report for all the survey results and analysis from AIIM of this shifting market.