Alfresco Scalability Blueprint

The Alfresco 4 Scalability Blueprint provides an extensive overview of Alfresco 4 major architectural and design changes, focusing on the improved performance, scalability and reliability of this platform compared to previous Alfresco versions. In order to provide a quantitative analysis of these improvements, the blueprint presents the execution details and the results of the Alfresco 4 Enterprise benchmarks, using them to analyze Alfresco 4 performance and scalability in an Enterprise collaboration scenario based on Alfresco Share. This document can be used as ultimate reference for practical recommendations and best practices towards successful sizing, architecture, and deployment of very large-scale Alfresco solutions, both in terms of repository size and concurrent usage.

About the Author

Gabriele Columbro is a longstanding member of the Alfresco Community with almost 10 years of ECM expertise, across Document Management, Web Content Management and Business Process Management. He served as Principal Architect for the Alfresco Consulting organization, and is currently leading the Global Expert Services Customer Success team. Grown in the flourishing open source ecosystem of the last decade, aside from driving Alfresco major customers to successful highly scalable ECM deployments, Gabriele has worked extensively with Alfresco Engineering and Product Management to improve product areas key to Customer Success. In particular he has been leading the Benchmarking effort for Alfresco 4, working closely with Engineering to benchmark the product on real life use case scenarios and authoring the Alfresco 4 Scalability Blueprint to document findings. He also played a major role in improving developer ergonomics for Alfresco Community and Enterprise developers by being the founder and main contributor of the Maven Alfresco SDK, a high productivity enterprise ready SDK for Alfresco extensions development.