Alfresco Study IT Leading Tablet Adoption in the Enterprise

Have you ever used a tablet for work purposes?

Tablets are the biggest element in the general trend that has been labeled “Consumerization of IT.” Alfresco conducted the "Tablets in the Enterprise" survey to find out the truth about adoption in companies.

Our survey results suggest a complex story about tablets for business use. The overall sentiment revealed by the survey is best described as a mix of cautious optimism and nuanced appreciation of operational issues. While many respondents are still grappling with typical first-order concerns related to tablets in the workplace such as security and ROI, many appear to have moved to deeper issues and the role of tablets in the systemic IT picture.

Some key takeaways are:

  • Small and medium sized companies are leading the way in adoption of tablets in business
  • Roughly 56% of respondents were from IT with over 90% of respondents reported having used tablet devices and over 75% have used tablets for business purposes
  • Tablets are used 55% of the time in meetings in comparison to PCs or smartphones and 59% at conferences

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