Alfresco Premier Services

At Alfresco, we are dedicated to customer success and delivering outstanding results, experiences and business value throughout the entire customer lifecycle. In an effort to enhance the support already provided to our most valuable enterprise customers, we are excited to announce our new suite of Alfresco Premier Services.

Why Alfresco Premier Services?

We understand you want to deliver business value and results to your organization through end user adoption. We understand you want investment protection. Alfresco Premier Services is one of the many ways we are here to help you succeed in those endeavors. These comprehensive services are designed to give you choice when it comes to protecting your investment and are available as annual service subscription programs:

  • Alfresco Service Engineer Program
  • Alfresco Technical Account Management Program

How do these programs differ?

The Alfresco Service Engineer Program provides large enterprise customers with an Alfresco Service Engineer dedicated to the planning, deployment, and day-to-day maintenance of your Alfresco solution. This resource serves as the primary point of contact for all technical issues and requests, optimizes the Alfresco solution to meet demanding user requirements and helps content managers plan for future growth. With this program, your dedicated Alfresco Service Engineer works 40 hours per week for you, either physically onsite at your office (OnSite Services Engineer—OSE) or remotely from ours (Remote Services Engineer—RSE).

The Alfresco Technical Account Management Program provides customers with a highly skilled, proactive Technical Account Manager (TAM) who acts as a single point of contact into Alfresco’s global support organization. This resource is assigned to you, has a detailed knowledge of your work environment and business needs, and acts as your advocate, ensuring that support issues and technical requests are addressed and resolved quickly.

Why is this important to me?

With Alfresco Premier Services, you benefit from the immediate value and confidence that comes with having a skilled Alfresco expert working with your team and dedicated to your success, without the overhead cost and time investment required to recruit and train a new employee. Our Alfresco Service Engineers and Technical Account Managers have the skills necessary to maintain and troubleshoot your Alfresco environment as well as the added resources of the entire Alfresco organization behind them.

Do I qualify for the Alfresco Premier Services programs?

The Alfresco Service Engineer and Technical Account Management Programs are available to Alfresco One Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud subscription customers. Contact us today to learn more about these programs and how they can help you get the most from your Alfresco investment.

Alfresco Premier Services Comparisons

  Technical Account Manager (TAM) Services Engineer-Remote (RSE) Services Engineer-OnSite (OSE)
Authorized Support Contacts 5 10 10
Case Handling - Web/Phone Support Severity 1 (with close monitoring on other support cases)
Weekly case reviews
Quarterly Service Reviews ✓ (includes Alfresco Executive) ✓ (includes Alfresco Executive)
Proactive go live event tracking and monitoring
Hot Fix build priority escalation
Annual Health Check
Access to Alfresco On-Demand training and virtual instructor-led training with Alfresco University Passport 3 Alfresco University Passport seats for the term of the subscription 4 Alfresco University Passport seats for the term of the subscription 5 Alfresco University Passport seats for the term of the subscription
Interview assistance and Alfresco hiring profiles
Major Release Upgrade Assistance
Minor Version or Service Pack Upgrade Assistance not included
Basic set up and installation of Alfresco environment not included
Web Client and Server configuration not included
Assistance with user administration, role definitions, and workflow configuration not included
Assistance with common customizations like login pages, icons, menu items, displaying metadata, etc. not included
Written monthly management level summaries not included
Annual configuration and performance tuning not included
Inclusion in Alfresco’s Customer Advisory Board not included