How can a Document Management System
Help to Run Your Business?

Vital documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, technical papers and other content are crucial for success. Yet, many organizations have documents stored all over the place — on desktop computers, network drives, email, USB sticks and in various consumer file sharing sites, Alfresco's powerful enterprise document management system is the answer.

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Alfresco's Document Management System

KML Use Alfresco for their Document Management Solutions
KML Use Alfresco for their Document Management Solutions
KML Use Alfresco for their Document Management Solutions

Control Business-Critical Content Management

Flexible Security Document Management System Options

Making sure that documents and files are secure is core to any document management system solution. Alfresco provides configurable security profiles to enforce the correct access control of your important content.

  • Set user and group permissions to control who can read and who can modify documents
  • Powerful version control tracks who changed which document and when, with full roll back to a previous version if needed
  • Control of both the content and information about the documents (the metadata) removes unauthorised access

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Easy Access to Content

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Securing documents is one thing, but people still need to be able to find and use the right content to do their work. Alfresco makes it simple for users, with the right permissions, to access business-critical documents.

  • Organising content into sites and folders allows users to simply browse important files
  • Powerful search helps find key information within seconds
  • Filters and tags allow users to refine search criteria to reduce the number of documents returned - making it easy to find the right document

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Understanding Context

More Than Just Title and Author

There are many different types of content that are used to run your business, and understanding the context is key to effective operation. Flexible document models allow users to understand the purpose of a file - is it a contract, an invoice, a report or a purchase order and for which customer, for which project and when was it signed?

  • Add custom types to help identify the purpose of documents and assign unique attributes (i.e. Customer Name or Invoice Number)
  • Overlay property templates (Aspects) to capture more insight into each document across document types
  • Use extended information to drive business processes and enable fast, effective searching

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Alfresco Document Management Software In Action

Billings Clinic has over 30 hospitals in their network and shared electronic medical records is critical to their success. Alfresco solves their business need by providing a secure platform for their physicians and staff to manage, collaborate and store these sensitive medical records.

Church Pension Group (CPG) is a non-profit benefits organization that had inefficient paper driven processes for claims processing. Moving to Alfresco, they now have 123 worksites that manage 2.3 million documents. The Alfresco repository has increased productivity by giving customer service representatives access to customers documents in real-time, ultimately improving the customer experience.

Mannheimer Insurance Group had a legacy archive system that was hard to maintain and very costly. They selected Alfresco and successfully migrated 14 million documents to a central repository that is accessed by more than 700 users providing the flexibility that can grow with the organization and has delivered significant cost savings.

Caceis Investor Services specializes in financial services for institutional investors, management companies and large organizations. CACEIS had to examine the way in which its documents were managed in the old archiving system in order to extract them, convert them, and finally import them into its new archiving platform. Today, Alfresco is used to manage the central database of 800,000 client records as a measure to combat money laundering.