Could You Easily Gather All Of the Relevant Documents Related to a Case?

Manage disparate critical business documents for seamless compliance.

Imagine a worst case scenario: You're involved in a lawsuit or audit, and you need to compile mission-critical business documents that range from scanned images and email to social media files and web content. You have until the end of the day. Could you do it?

Many organizations have a records management solution in place to maintain regulatory standards, but it's often a complex process run by a dedicated staff. Even then, retrieval can be slow, and some printed information is stored offsite in secure storage facilities. Even worse, failure to do so can lead to significant fines.

With Alfresco, you can turn compliance worries into a best case scenario:

  • Open source enterprise content management delivers the extra level of control needed to manage critical records
  • Transitioning to a system based on modern technology brings more efficiency and lower costs than offsite storage options
  • Scalable system lets you retain an increasing number of records while maintaining streamlined processes
  • Assists in establishing retention policies that lead to better compliance and stronger document management for the future
  • By managing the complete lifecycle of a record from initial creation to final destruction, you can easily automate compliance processes

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"Alfresco provides us with a platform for retaining and managing our most critical documents - student records - easily and cost effectively. Each year we continue to expand our Alfresco implementation to streamline processes, saving the district money and time and allowing teachers to focus on their students.".

— Lea Beeken, Supervisor, District Records and FOIP Management, Edmonton Public Schools

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"With enterprise scalability, auto-classification, preserve in place, advanced analytics and integrated review and production, we provide a complete solution at a fraction of what it would cost to cobble together point products. By combining our deep knowledge of the litigation vertical with Alfresco’s expertise in records and document management, we are setting the standard for document lifecycle and discovery response solutions.".

— Michael McCreary, CEO, Rational Retention

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Alfresco In Action

VIS is Iceland’s leading providers of non-life insurance services and each year their employees service an average of 30,000 liability claims. With documents being stored in multiple locations it was endemic to the claims management process. VIS has been able to use Alfresco to apply common metadata that makes it easy to organize, search and track the 1.5 million documents now contained in its central repository.

Gwinnett County workers faced issues that are common among government agencies. With Alfresco, they have improved worker productivity while making it easier for constituents to access information and collaborate with government officials. The county’s 50 active users can now better support the web content management system and easily update it with critical information required to remain compliant under the Open Government initiative.

Athabasca University is Canada’s leading open university and they implemented Alfresco to serve as the records management foundation for the university, ensuring that RM policies are being applied to course materials and enabling the university to set retention policies and governance around any content. The new document and RM system is used by over 1,000 users and is highly scalable to easily handle current and future needs.

Edmonton Public Schools automated previously paper-based student records management processes with Alfresco and now the repository houses digital records for 80,000 students, which is more than 1.6 million documents. At any given time, 50-100 users are accessing this content in a secure and auditable environment.