Are Your Enterprise Mobile Devices an Advantage or a Hindrance?

With the right processes, you save time and money.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can be a boon for business, but only if they're managed properly. Are your devices helping to create a streamlined organization that thrives on mission-critical content or are they creating more document access headaches?

Alfresco makes sure that mobile devices deliver on their promises — efficiency boosts, measurable ROI and increased productivity. With Alfresco's content access and process automation, mobile devices can be compelling assets for any organization:

  • Paper-based processes can be automated while keeping content secure, whether it's in the cloud or behind your firewall
  • Security keeps content locked down, no matter where a mobile device is used
  • Mobile interface lets users locate documents easily and quickly, whether they're in the cloud or behind your firewall
  • Mission-critical content, accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world drives higher employee productivity
  • Automated controls deliver solid compliance, thanks to access tracking
  • Open technology platform allows organizations to customize mobile access based on their needs

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"With Alfresco, we’ve gone from a paper-based process to a completely automated process that makes performing Standard Operating Procedure management painless. SOPs are no longer held up waiting for approval signatures. Alfresco offers us a platform that is scalable and can grow to fit our ongoing document management needs."

— Scott Wirth, Director of Programming and Technology Services, PhenoPath Laboratories

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"Following the successful deployment of ECM within UK Power Networks, associates and stakeholders now have secure, timely access to accurate, trusted content at the point of need"

— Andrew Bilecki, CIO, UK Power Networks

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Alfresco In Action

Phenopath automated previously paper-based processes with iPads and Alfresco. The company saw a 96% improvement in on-time completion of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents and completely eliminated a data re-entry step, greatly reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Molecular Neuroimaging (MNI) automated paper-based processes with Ricoh eQuill tablets and Alfresco. With Alfresco, the company pushed standards-based PDF forms to tablets, captured data in forms and then extracted them, ensuring users always have up-to-date information.

University of Creative Arts implemented an out of the box Alfresco solution that provides knowledge workers with easy access to organization documents through mobile devices. With Alfresco, users have support for any device and the ability to scale across multiple locations.

City of Denver implemented a fully-customized mobile solution for case management and Peoplesoft Integration. The city has been able to migrate from Documentum, while creating a whole new mobile experience for their citizens including an iPad app to report neighborhood issues like dogs barking and potholes.