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Alfresco One 5.1 Sizing Guide

Sizing an Alfresco One deployment is a challenging topic, with no perfect formula that can accurately define the perfect sizing for your architecture as it's heavily dependent on each specific use case.

We can provide valuable guidance on how to size your Alfresco solution by asking the right questions, collecting the right information, and taking the right assumptions into account.

  • How many Alfresco servers do you need on your cluster?
  • How many CPUs/cores do you need on those servers to handle your estimated user concurrency?
  • How do you estimate the sizing and growth of your storage?
  • How much memory do you need on your Solr servers?
  • How many Solr servers do you need to get the response times you require?
  • What are the golden rules that can drive and maintain the success of an Alfresco project?

This guide helps the reader to better understand how Alfresco One 5.1 components work together and how sizing factors affect the overall deployment performance. It provides the reader with approximate sizing formulas based on recent benchmarks results executed by Alfresco, scaling a repository up to 1 Billion documents.

About the Author

Luis Cabaceira is a Principal Consultant at Alfresco, leading large-scale ECM and BPM implementations, ensuring the successful delivery of reliable solutions to meet customer expectations. Luis specializes in helping customers define their architecture and ratify global ECM and BPM solutions through benchmarking and sizing scenarios. A passionate open source contributor and blogger, Luis creates valuable tools to address business problems and regularly blogs with valuable articles on best practices for customers, partners and integrators on his Alfresco blog.