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Alfresco Scalability Blueprint

Alfresco's Scalability Blueprint 5.1

Alfresco is a highly adaptable and scalable platform. The Alfresco 5.1 scalability blueprint outlines the dimensions of scale and new techniques and best practices for achieving them - using the latest versions of Alfresco and based on our latest One billion document benchmark findings. The scalability blueprint covers material including:

  • What are the dimensions of scalability in an Alfresco ECM architecture?
  • What techniques can be used to scale along each of the dimensions?
  • When is it appropriate to explore vertical or horizontal scaling strategies?
  • How does Alfresco perform on defined reference environments as the dimensions of scale change?

About the Author

Nathan McMinn currently serves as Alfresco’s Director of Global Premier Support Services following previous roles as an Alfresco Consultant and Premier Services Engineer. A veteran Alfrescian, Nathan has worked with Alfresco as both an employee and a customer since version 2.2. During this time Nathan has been responsible for several open source extensions to the product, and has advised customers worldwide on Alfresco architecture, deployment, development and scalability.

Download the Scalability Blueprint