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Webinar On Demand: Faster Application Development with Alfresco

Get Started with Alfresco's Application Development Framework (ADF)

The ability to rapidly develop engaging applications that surface the right content at the right time to support business processes is critical to successful digital transformation. With traditional ECM systems, companies are often restricted to tweaking a standard interface to try to make them ‘good enough,’ or investing heavily to develop a bespoke application from scratch.

Alfresco’s open-source, modern and cloud-native Application Development Framework (ADF) delivers a set of reusable components to enable developers to produce responsive, modern web apps within hours instead of months.

During this On Demand Webinar, we'll share:

  • Why the ADF combination of open source and standard developer tools bring faster innovation
  • How you can rapidly deliver compelling user experiences with ADF's wide range of reusable components
  • How customers are taking advantage of ADF