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IDC Health Insights: The Imperative for Digital Transformation in US Healthcare Information Management

Discover the digital transformation trends in the US healthcare sector with this new IDC Healthcare whitepaper 

As a healthcare provider you are focused on delivering the best possible patient outcomes. But inflexible legacy IT systems can compromise your efforts. Lacking the ability to provide a single, joined up view of all patient data and with processes hard to set up and slow to adjust.

Does it have to be this way?

This IDC Health Insights White Paper, sponsored by Alfresco, examines key US Healthcare market trends and approaches to enhancing current systems in order to deliver the agility and complete patient view your clinical teams need. Learn how loosely-coupled Content and Process Management systems can:

  • Breakdown barriers between providers
  • Rapidly define and adapt patient-centric clinical workflows.
  • Bring disparate systems together from a complete view of patients.

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